A Lost Bullet

Somedays I feel like I am really trapped in other dimension to which I do not really belong at all. Somehow, everything is different of the ways they should be and I feel exhausting that I must explain from the beginning everything again. It is annoying actually but it is seems it is common in so many beings to imagine things where they are not.

I am going to be to the point. For some reasons which I prefer to unknown my holidays have been a mess. I only wished to go out of my dimension to can enjoy freely a cup of cappuccino and a sandwich at any coffee shop while I was reading on writing on my own notes. Just that, I did not asked for more fancies. And I could not. In fact, I have been surprised several times for strange people whom I do not know following me on some sorts of crazy ways. At the beginning, I wanted to think it was all for some sort of coincidence and this sort of bad vision a lot of people has because, you know… How many of you have been confused with DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway… Just things like that… Well, there is a very good actress called Emily Blunt in all the trains. I mean ALL. It is for that film called Girl on a Train from DreamWorks. And not sure if it is because the picture of her is a bit dark… Because Felicity Jones seemed to be at town or because Eva Green is releasing a film. I cannot even know if it is because my otter sight is so captivating and shocking that people becomes nuts. I do not know, really. I just know I left my sunglasses at home and people has tons of imagination. And I mean tons…

sea-otter-is-deep-in-thoughtIn case some of you do not know what it is an otter look. It is something that since I discovered Benedict Cumberbatch I have known that we share. It is not our fault really. It is something called genetics and we have those eyes which are like… And it seems we bewitch everybody just like otters do. Do not you believe an otter can bewitch you with a look? Alright, check this:

That is the otter look. None species can resist to it. And so sorry if someone does not understand it. I do not understand so many things or memes neither.

Anyway, I have been quite down and when that happens the musical devil inside of me wants to mess with… Just let’s leave it aside. Some people said that the problem is I do not know to break the rules and for that reason I do not know how to have fun. It is something which keeps repeating on my past since I was 15 years old or something alike. They told me I had to be nun and I always say: “F*** you” not because I have anything against the convents. Actually, I would not mind to disappear for a while at some of them at Nepal or Tibet. No, my problem with those place is it is not allowed to listen The Beatles or Mick Jagger. That is my real problem. I always have the same answer. From the very beginning when people at the Music School insisted to me that the ONLY music I should listen and play was the classical: Bach, Mozart… Beethoven was even modern… And I kept saying The Rolling Stones were quite classical too but it seems they are the devil or something. So do not give me lessons about to break the rules when I am already breaking them since I am 12 years old. Since then I had the mania and the habit to access to theatres for the kitchen or back door. And somehow I keep doing it and if not going out. Museums included. Main doors are not with me. And yes, it is me the one whom makes start that buzz some of those doors have. Also the one whom comes from the back street and from behind all the paparazzi are waiting to take pictures at a street market to someone in white suit. Sorry sir, if I had recognised you I had already warned you of what was waiting at the corner but I thought they would be fed with that distraction. And no, I am no one at all. Just in case you are wondering, inventing, dreaming… Just call it experience in other ways that some of you ever had. Because even if people like me just played an instrument, it seems the faculty of to be on stage is condition enough to everybody will think you are some sort of saviour, or… That question: “Have you seen me while you were playing?” And you are like: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… four row the one whom was moving her hands and taking pics. I have got it.” Isn’t it distracting? In special when people decides to use the camera flashes. And you are going to play something from a guy whom died hundred of years ago and then: “flash, flash, flash…” That’s the reason one memorises the musical sheet if not you cannot see at all the first notes because audience have leave you totally blind. There is no other reason about it. Oh dear… And somehow the naive of me believing filmmaking was going to be different…

So you say about to break the rules and I say: “Break them is to read Stephen King, borrowing from libraries, or so many other science fiction authors which were not allowed when the obligatory readings were Tirant lo Blanc, El Libro del Buen Amor or La Celestina.” Which let me make you a resume very quick. Those are the 50 Shades of Gray  of their times. Too bad one of them was written for Anonymous, on this times it would have been a best seller just to put that name on that sort of “metaphorical sexual allegory of the human pleasure and relationships”. And the same teachers allowing that saying The Green Mile or films like Scream would be too hard for teens like me. We do not even mention Gremlins or Nightmare at Elm Street, that’s too much darling. Like you cannot imagine. And Hitchcock… Wow! He was the antichrist himself. That sort of crimes… Definitely to break the rules in your world is not the same at all than in mine I think.

But do you know what? It is right. I agree, it is good to break the rules and to have some fun in time to time. So, instead of to pitch or to work on the traditional ways. I am going to share you something which I wrote past year. Those are the lyrics for a song which I wrote thinking on this refugee people and the problems.

When I was at Music School some teachers had a strange philosophy. It is something a musicologist has written and it seems it is a theory which says no one can write good music if they are not depressed. For that reason, they made us grown like depressed kids and if we asked to play something more modern they put us Flaubert and contemporary dissonant s… You know, this sort of super conceptual work in which a piccolo is mixed with a tuba or a horn and there is not any musical sense at all but one must make to the audience: “feel it” one must to “feel it to make the audience feel”. And then, they blame the kids because it seems the audience is not so cultural advanced that they have not understood anything about the piece was about. That’s real music art. Get away Kanye. You do not have idea of music because for the “real art” professors and teachers rap is some sort of atrocity. Maybe the problem is you do not use enough metaphors for their intellectual taste. Still, I keep believing on the simplicity meaning of the “F you teacher.” And to keep breaking the rules my own way. And to listen classical music like Jagger, McCarney or some other more contemporary folks, rappers included.

Well, this song I wrote was conceived in a bit minor tone. But if I put myself on the musical producer seat I tend to do quite classy things, like Brian Eno… You know, quite classical U2 too. Anyway, if someone has a better idea. Here it is. I just share it here. We break some rules about how the things should be done and we use all that breaking rules s*** for to help a bunch of kids whom really need it. That’s it. And if not. I honestly give a d*** about a bunch of things right now. So do not play with me more hide and seek because if not certain people will really know what it is to have dedicated melodies in all tunes, flats and notes. Contemporary understood or not.

A Lost Bullet

For the refugees and children lost in war.


A lost bullet hit the wall

It killed thousands

It killed none

Lads downfall


A kid playing on the desert fields

Running happy with his friends

The war comes, the conflict stares

Children run away, scared

They don’t have shields


Bombs fall down, Sonny gets a gun;

Younglings are fighters, in something no one comprehends

Is the right to kill people eternally fair?

Or is war the weapon to so many interests?


The sinner becomes a martyr

The good man loses his soul

The liar keeps lying

No one has the fault


To the young girl whom dreams to be a doctor,

To the boy whom wants to change the world,

To the future teacher, engineer, chemist or lord,

Everybody has a dream, everybody has one love

But a lost bullet kill them all.

Esther Lopez 2015/12/09

PS: And to set everything clear. All those years at the Music School suffering all of that to later, share my CV for to get a job and people will say that I am lying because it is impossible that I have been doing so much in all those time of my past. Or things like that… Because it seems everybody lies in our days and it is totally normal to give for granted someone whom have expended half of her life working/studying has done it too. So, no folks, do not try to get a job on the real world. They will put thousands of excuses for to do not hire you. And on our world “certain” folks will NEVER hire you but they will say all sort of things at the back, thinking all the females on this planet are stupid or something like that. That we only want fame or something and that we do not have idea to difference a jack from a VRT cable one. Make me a favour, and if you need a career bypass, a musical one or some help do not EVER call me or stalk me back.

The Biggest Brand Monopoly

Official poster of the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist
Official poster of the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist

It’s a plot! Not sure for how long it has been planned but here we are suffering the consequences of this wildly new chapter. Do not you know what all this is about? Just a clue: “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” That is all I had to say.

But let’s leave aside the clear facts that the submarines have arrived to the coast. Also, all this sort of crazy spy game about whom seems to have the information, to have the control or to try to hold hands… Not offence to no one. It seems a new method of approach instead of the most than wasted virtual stalking. I meant, watching.

I do not like to talk about politics. It is one of my rules. However, on the past months it has happened so many things that I have decided to write a book. No, it is not about politics neither. Neither an essay text of this sort of ones which characterise me. It was an expression or a way to say the things which for weird things it has become truth. Things which happen without one has clear everything is about. First, one sees a submarine in front of their coasts and… Well, then it almost starts the WWIII. So crazy. Wait, hasn’t no one seen the film? Oh dear, what I have on my head… So bad indeed. Check the trailer first:

Now that you are updated on the classics it is time to explain certain dichotomy. Each one can believe what they want but what I am not agree is that certain folks want to impose they way of thinking over others. Even less, that they would like to tell me with who I should work and with who I should not. Or with which sort of people I want to partnership to release my projects. Excuse me, but my projects are mine and if I want to keep sharing pics of big brands like Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, or any sort of NGO issue for free no one is who for to tell me that is some sort of monopoly and that I should not make that sort of work. Alright, it should be that to partnership and to make campaigns with other brands is allowed for some people and for others not. If no one minds, please, make a public list of which are the “good” and which are the “bad” ones. That way, all the young filmmakers whom are starting will know to whom to work and we will not have EVER more needs of to be brainwashed on the believe.

I have heard all sort of bullshit, and sorry for the expression but this is going to be quite crude and raw. That if certain “alternative” music bands have changed and they have sold themselves to the commercial. If I was selling myself, that if one wants to be “independent” should not follow the monopolist brand tendency and game… Ah, right. For this reason it is approved that certain people on this “alternative” world could have been paid for major brand campaigns and not others, isn’t it? I am so sorry but on my town, which is not the rich side, that is called envy and not a way of to “save the world” of the capitalist influence.

Estimada Esther Lopez Moreno: ¡Deje de dormir! No todos podemos ser madrugadores, pero va a perderse los Dream Deals. Ya queda poco para hacer sus sueños realidad. Reserve hoy el viaje de sus sueños.
Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner and Tessie O’Shea on the film The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Picture courtesy United Artist

It is for all of this and so much more that I have arrived to a conclusion on my eccentric way of thinking. The conclusion is that a bunch of people is always complaining about big companies, organs, institutions, the Government… And arguing all those things are a way of to control the people and to make a huge monopoly and do you know what? The biggest monopoly is not the economic one if not the one which wants to spread an universal way of thinking do not allowing others to have another alternative thoughts or ways of to do the things.

If I write fantastic stories which require so much special effects, why should I limit myself to make that on independent? Because a bunch of folks say the guys whom made those FX are bad? Sorry, I do not know them but I do not know you neither. However, after all those lies and troubles I am really doubting about who has called themselves good when they were actually limiting the other filmmakers for to do not make them advance.

This folks, argue themselves with the excuse of “independent filmmaking” but do you really know what to be independent really means? That means to do not have access to agents, managers, advertising campaigns of any sort, to create your own business company, to find your own funds, to make all by your own -mostly- to finally release it on your apartment. Just like on this epic classic film. Because if someone wants to play the film festival rules… I am so sorry but that is another sort of company, just like to be at IMDB, so that game should not be allowed by the “independent” neither.

No buddies, here someone is clearly confusing the people, in special the younger ones, and the terms. To be independent is not to be against everything they told you. Please, never hear those voices it is a golden rule. To be independent simply means to do not have the support of any major studio at your back, but once anybody signs a distribution deal, of any sort, even if it is at Apple… I am so sorry but you are going back to the game again for your own selfish purposes. That is not your concept of independent at all.

Let me put another example. On this case it is a story which I have heard for so many years but on the musical world which is from where I came from. Everybody knows Coldplay, isn’t it? They are pretty famous. Well, I was studying on those times when they started. For some reason, they started their own business before to release some of his more well known tracks and, if you are on the music world you know quick about those sort of new bands. I am not going to enter on the quality or type of music Coldplay makes. Just in the way they started which was a bit different of what the rules said: “that one should get a company record behind whom will support them.” For some reason, there was a group of lads studying with me and they wanted to become someone important kind rockstar. They were constantly pitching tracks to several record companies but in all the cases they had the same answer: “No”. Not sure who was because I do not really know, it answered them they were very young. That it was a good work that they had to keep doing it but they were young. I am talking those lads had 14 and 15 years old respectively however, you know what happens with certain people, in special teens, on matters of rejection isn’t it? They did not take that very well. They said all was a mafia that only a bunch of people whom were “friends” of someone could have access to those sort of things, that everything was a big lie… And then, it showed up the news of how Coldplay started and it seemed everybody had the same right to make it like them but without company because they were under age. So they decided to record their own album and they found the problem was not on the self-recording and the studio work if not on the distribution and the physical copies of the music. Just have in mind, the online distribution of any sort was not invented. So, they were two and between them, they saved for to can have only one copy of their CD on a store. Only one they could afford, and when they arrived to the music school they felt so proud for that and they said that if someone will bought that single one copy they were going to make a celebration. Of course, there was not going to be any profitable revenue with a single copy but on those teen times it was their dream. No one bough the single album copy. Not sure if it keeps at the store or not but I made four years more of music school until I finished and they left the music school before than they sold the album. All because everybody was telling them how to play so they did not finished.

Sadly, this story has repeated on my past experience with so many musicians, filmmakers… The excuse is always the same: “It seems there are some bunch of greedy guys whom have a monopoly and whom do not let to have access to the talent.” When in fact, it is a way of thinking like other because if someone hates so much those guys… Why should one make business with them? And I mean, with any sort of record company deal or filmmaking distribution. Because do you know that is the only way of to assure your own bread while you keep telling others to do not do it? Excuse me, but that is to be a selfish hypocrite. That is what it is. One should be happy about the success of their profession fellows instead of to keep creating more conflict between them arguing stupid issues which are not real. And why aren’t real? Very simple. Years after, when the same Coldplay had success, it was published somewhere how much cash they made on a year. Suddenly, that group had cheated all of them. It came the same story of the “selling oneself” that they are “commercial” not “independent” anymore… Conclusion: it is all a matter of envy to see who makes more at the end of the year and who does not.

And I must say, I have heard the same stupid complaining about so many music bands, filmmakers, actors, actresses… The story is so long that… Yeah I could write a book about that too. But who cares if one is making X or Z at the end of the year if that person if paying to the Government what they had to pay? What are you going to argue? That they are using social causes for to help the world and to do not pay so much? Hey! Me here! That I am contributing to social causes and not receiving a coin at the end of the year. Which is your problem? The one whom wants to make things for others makes them and the one whom does not only has “ideology”, “metaphors” and excuses of all sort. Furthermore, if they are doing good. Who cares? I mean it is good to care about the good things those folks are doing but not to try to look for seven feet to a cat when we already know they use to have four. That is paranoia and madness full of envy and malice because one cannot archive what others do. So simple like that.

Conclusion on the conclusion folks: Do not let others think for you. Be yourselves and do not let the biggest monopoly in the world: collectivist ideology. Tell you which are the ways of success or with who one can chat or not. That is not at all how life works and if anyone tells you that: he is your enemy not your friend.

I remember once at NYFA. I came from a college year in which it did not matter the sort of filmmaking we made, they were all screams, complaining to encourage the bad spirits inside us. That, created on me some sort of fear and if one uses to be nervous when releases anything; well on this case it had almost phobia because one comes with the preconception everything is wrong and how many defects the professor is going to scream at you saying how terrible everything you have done is. Surprisingly, filmmaking at USA was completely different, but it is not easy to take out of you those sensations too quick. It was on a class screening. And this new professor watched the piece with all of us. It finished, I was scared and he asked to everybody if they had noticed anything wrong. One fellow jumped saying what I had to change on that film giving all sort of variations. And do you know what the professor said? “Don’t listen to all the people whom says that kind of things about your work. Not about this work.” And with that, I appreciated the professor more but the game was set because not all the fellows approve to do not be right on their critiquing approach. Sadly, this is how the world works. It does not matter if you are a woman or not. There are going to be people whom is always going to believe he is best and they would make anything at their hands for to put you down. It is our self work to learn to overcome that. To identify them, to make them front and to do not let the biggest brand in the world will tell you what to do with the work you create. And do you know which is the biggest brand in the world? It is not a company but it is a big monopoly too. Commonly, it is well known by a simple noun. It is called ignorance and it is the best friend of so many envy people on the world.

Magneto’s Eggs

Not need to remember to people my geek side or how quirky and weird my sense of humour is. I know, it is not approved by metaphorical reader audiences. Anyway, this post is going to be short because it is not going to be me the one whom is going to teach how to cook this time if not someone whom is more expert: Sir Ian McKellen. I saw his cooking video and I thought: “If Magneto says it one must try it.” And definitely it is bloody good sir. They are all so made together on this sort of scrambling deliciousness, quite different of the one which uses to be at my country that… Well, I am a geek and superfan of X-Men. Magneto’s Eggs was the right funny title to name them.

Apart of this, I want to make an update this week because the next one comes one of this brainy essays in which probably I will say more than one inappropriate thing and I do not want to break the mood of the text with updates. So, in compensation, you are warned in two weeks of advance. I am going to take holidays. I do not care if you matter or not but I matter a lot about that. The whole world has been out showing fabulous places and I kept here: working and unpaid. So it has arrived my time. All the superheroes need a rest in between to save the planet and the galaxy. This time it is my time. This means, in practical effects, that the last post is going to be on October 3rd and you should not wait for anything. And I really mean ANYTHING, until something around the 12th. Why? Because it is my quirky way of to protest against this new social media revolution and I do not care if suddenly all the fans get lost in the way. Adieu in advance to all of them.

Beforehand, I can tell you I am super-excited because I love theatre and I could not get tickets for The Cursed Child but I got for to check Magneto and Charles Xavier together. I think Sir Patrick Stewart can really say I am his fan. With this, I would have seen him twice live on the theatre. Well, never mind. Weirdos like me enjoy things that not so many others like.

I hope everybody will have so happy, messy, bloody, online things and that they would leave alone and in peace the ones whom we are not really in to this and we only want to work. Despite we know how to use them when we want. Have fun.

From Ian McKellen's original recipe. This is my own result cooked by me. The chives had been added by gluttony. Just follow the original recipe.
From Ian McKellen’s original recipe. This is my own result cooked by me. The chives had been added by gluttony. Just follow the original recipe.

Magneto’s Eggs

All the instructions given by Magneto not need to add anything else.


On 2011, I was a firmly believer on all this social media platforms for to promote the reel, work… Even for to use them as an easy way to show the work or talent. It was for this reason that I did not only started Worldless and I created several pieces for to promote it and to pitch the content. I also created a personal blog, similar than this one, when I used to share my video and writing reel. Why writing? On the first term because it was a quicker way of to fill those needs of constant content. On the second, because for several reason I was not able to film all sort of texts I created. Leaving aside budget, they were other crucial factors like the lack of crew, or to do not find people interested in to develop this sort of stories near my area. However, it was also unavailable the option of to move to other place. It was complicated. Finally, the last factor is I have been interested on directing but I was more in writing or on the photography department than on the direction one. Which is a bit contradictory, I know. Still, it is in the way I am and, for example, on this moment of my life I ask to myself so many times why did not I study design. Things which happen.

Here, I leave you a piece which was posted on that previous blog on 2011, after The Dragon Tears and other work. It is some sort of short synopses for to develop it as an screenplay. However, other projects and issues happened in between and that synopses was shared but never developed like a full script. Although, if anyone is interested you can consider this like an open pitch. Let’s make this new technologic times with more open minded fun philosophy. Unluckily, for some sort of a bunch of reasons, I keep without to be able to have a producer company and even if you accept the pitch I cannot be paid for to start to develop it BUT, I keep having my faith on bureaucracy. Which is quite fantastical. More than some magic.

Anyway, the keen eyes will notice on this non classic narrative, some sort of “issues”which “someone” seemed to like to read like some sort of prophetic thing. Being honest, I am quite tired a bunch of weirdos love to put themselves like “real” characters of my fiction word. Even if those are Griggletongletz. I keep hitting my head against the wall each time I remember how folks became jealous of a Dubu. Fine, let’s leave it aside. And despite there is not so much to enjoy I am leaving you with the copy and paste text like I used of to share it on those times. Yes, they confused me for the initials too in case you are wondering. I think, some folks insisted in to confuse intentionally everything for very selfish personal reasons. Beware, otters eat sel-fish. Just saying…

Stars in the Sky. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.
Stars in the Sky. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.


“True stars were formerly known as the fixed stars, to distinguish them from the planets or wandering stars. They are gaseous spheres consisting primarily of hydrogen and helium, there being an equilibrium between the compressional force of gravity and the outward pressure of radiation resulting from internal thermonuclear fusion reactions. Some six thousand stars are visible to the naked eye, but there are actually more than a hundred billion in our own Galaxy, while billions of other galaxies are known.”

Alec was reading that on his desk full of papers and books. The final exams were close and he had to study so much. He did not have time for anything else: to study, homework, study, homework… His bedroom was a mess but, being honest, all the teenagers are a bit messy. There were clothes everywhere, without order or sense. The walls were full of posters of cool rock bands, the shelves full of more books that seemed there were in balance to not to fall in all the disorder. And in the corner almost forgot it and old guitar waiting for to be played.

But Alec had not times for guitars, sometimes not for dinner neither. Fact that really disturbed his mother who thought her son was going to fall sick for all his efforts. However, like he was very stubborn, she could not do anything for to fix that situation. Still, Alec knew that his mother was an exaggerated and he only was focused in his objective: be the best writer of all the times. Although before that, he had to approve all the exams.

Eric was in his bedroom too. Not too different of Alec’s room, the same posters the same clothes everywhere. And both were reading the same: “True starts…” Yes, “true stars” He was one. He was born to be one. And like a sign given him the reason and old song of David Bowie started to play downstairs: Star. He looked to the corner where his guitar was and suddenly he knew what he had to do.

A room, a dark and creepy room of a dreary apartment. It is almost empty, just an old table, a broken chair, an ashtray full of smouldering cigarette butts, and old dusty green couch and a man sitting on there. He is in the room but his head is not and in his fingers a cigarette is burning slowly waiting for to be smoked.

A beautiful place with fancy tables and chairs. It is like a club. Well decorated, very clean, smart. Mika Nakashima is singing some songs of her album. Now she is going to sing Stars. Everybody is enjoying with the spectacle except some folks at a corner. There, a group of boys dressed as punks seemed very bored. There are four boys and a girl. All with grunge/punk style clothes. Nobody of them understands the Japanese so they are just listening an feeling that they are wasting their time.

“Come on. Can somebody tell my what the hell are we doing here?” said one of them.

“Waiting for the guy with the contract of the million…” said the other very bored.

“Yes, yes, yes I’ve heard that before… Fuck him. Let’s go”

“Are you crazy. Where?”

“The girl decides this time. Babe…”

On an empty house. There is a private party. Three boys and a girl are enjoying some music, The Cult Star, is one of the songs. Helena is dancing and Alec and Eric can not stop to look at her. She is hypnotising them  like Salome.

“We should be a rock band. We could be stars” said her.

“Yes, why not?” said Alec.

Hollywood, yeah!! Let’s do it!” said Eric

A man is sat on his office. He is typing on his computer. At his desk there is a notebook with some guidelines, some old portraits and he is listening classic music interpreted by Yo-Yo Ma. Nobody is with him. He is working furiously but he is completely alone.

Hollywood is an amazing place. The band members are in a suite at the Chateau Marmont with a peculiar decoration because, in this suite there is an Andy Warhol picture. They are having fun after a huge concert. Helena starts to undress herself. When she is half naked she approaches to Eric and she kisses him very passionately. He slaps her in the face.

“I think it should be better to let alone the couple” said Alec to the other band members.

The others left the room but Alec stops a bit before to get out. Finally, he decides to leave the place. Helena was with less clothes than before, only in her neck a star necklace kept on place. Eric touched her.

Two boys, teenagers yet, were walking with their guitars. They went to the garage of a friend to make some rehearsals. Suddenly, one of them stopped. There was a star necklace on the ground. He picked it and he putted it in his neck.

“You shouldn’t do that. You never know from where that thing has come from” said the other boy.

“Oh! Shut up nerd! Don’t you see that this is a symbol? I’m going to be a star!”

The dusty green couch and the man. Each time there is more smoke in the room but the man seemed to not be here. A sexy woman appeared from one of the doors at the room. She was wearing very sexy clothes and a star necklace.

Alec was with Eric in New York. Both were enjoying coffee in a tiny place. Eric wore his star necklace when a girl followed by paparazzi came into the local. She entered to the place and the photographers stayed out there.

“See? She should be famous. It’s our opportunity! We’re the most lucky guys alive!” said Eric.

“Don’t be a fool! You don’t have idea of who is her and… hold on. What are you thinking?” said Alec.

“Just my irresistible trick with girls…” Eric stood up and walked towards the girl.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” said Alec.


“It’s a Warhol quote. Never mind. But please don’t do it. This isn’t the way. We should work hard”

“Work, work, work. Yes, it’s the only thing that you know. For what? for don’t have social live, for don’t live? Like you still like that you’re going to finish alone. That’s not my fate” said Eric approaching him to her.

“Please, don’t…”

A woman was dancing sensually on a bed. There was music and she was dancing a song of Roxette. It was Helena but this time she did not wear the star necklace. Eric was sitting on a green couch. She approached to him and she gave to him a pill. She took other and she talked with him.

“In 15 minutes everybody will be famous. Do you know what it is the fame?”

“Fame give you success”

“Ha ha ha. You’re just an ignorant”

Alec was watching television. His friend Eric was on there he was having his fifteen minutes of fame and all thanks to Helena, his new girlfriend, or almost that was what he told to Alec. The reality was Helena had all that she wanted and when she was tired, she just dropped her new toy. And that was what it was happening on television. It seemed that the relationship had finished after two weeks.

A dark and creepy room of a dreary apartment. It was almost empty, just an old table, a broken chair, an ashtray full of smouldering cigarette butts, and old dusty green couch and a man sitting on there. He was in the room but his head was not and on his fingers a cigarette was burning slowly waiting for to be smoked. Helena was dancing in front of him with her provocative style. But this time she was dancing a David Bowie song.

“You should listen more to your friends” said her.

“If you mean the chicken of Alec whom prefers to hide himself in a cave saying that he is working. I’m sorry babe”

“Well, at leasts he works. What do you have?”

“I have it all. I have you” said he.

“Really? Look around you and see.”

“Well, it’s truth. It isn’t a good time but soon it will be better. You’ll see” he approached to her and he took her by her waist.

He tried to kiss her but she stopped him before he made it.

“In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes” said she while she was transforming herself in smoke and she vanished.

An old Alec is siting in his office. He is typing in his computer. In his desk, there is a notebook with some guidelines and some old portraits of he and his friend Eric. He is working furiously but he is completely alone. Some laughs come from outside and Alec stops to work. He walks towards the window to see what is happening. On a shelve full of books there are different awards too. He doubts a bit to see them, he is very proud of all of them but he is more proud of the golden one which looks like a man with a sword. More laughs come from outside and he approaches to the window to see better. His son and his wife are playing with the dog, both are very happy and they are having fun. Alec decides that for today there is enough work and he goes down to join his family.

NOTE: When I finished this story I have noticed  that probably it works better visually, because you can use some image tricks to not confuse the audience so much. However, in paper, I have not found the solution without falling in the things that are obvious. Anyways, I think that Bryan Adams’ song express better the message that I would like to share. I hope you like it.

Dedicated to all the people who works hard and do not think in the fame. All my best.

Stars © by ELM

The Bible of Fashion

Student girls. Picture courtesy by Vogue Magazine.
Student girls. Picture courtesy by Vogue Magazine.

Not sure how many of you are interested in fashion issues and how many are interested in storytelling. Let’s say this audience is a bit like a tailor’s box, quite diverse but nice. We are all agree in to enjoy humour and some good knowledge, despite I keep insisting I am not no one. Neither, I understand about football, filmmaking or fashion. Shhh… We all know the ones whom really understand about those things are the folks at the pubs, they really know if the fault has been of Cristiano or if what the football club needs is to change the mister. It is an old time history which repeats in all the countries. Not need to explain more about it.

However, fashion is different. It was said for a well known woman in the industry called Coco that elegance is to avoid vulgarity. Maybe she did not said that exactly but it was what she meant. So what is fashion then? To wear the last trend a few people say? To wear a lot of branding clothes even if that means to be completely mismatched on a colourful parade? To do not wear any brand? To wear all in black? To know how to combine adequately everything for the right occasion? To wear expensive items? Maybe cheap ones? Those are all the questions that a non well trained mind in the fashion or design concept starts to have when they ask to s/he: “What is fashion?” Well, they ask themselves those things and why the ugly shoes trend is back but that is another point classified like: trends. Better a post only about shoes, ugly or not.

Applying the logical thinking of the Vulcan method. One could arrive quickly to the conclusion that fashion is all of which is not vulgar but then, we will find ourselves on another paradox: “Which is the definition or classification of vulgarity?” Elementary, that is the main question.

Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs. Picture courtesy Marc Jacobs.
Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs. Picture courtesy Marc Jacobs.

The problem with certain vocables is, they have implicit cultural issues or ways of to see the world. I tend to always use the same example because it is the easier one: “white colour in occident means purity which in orient it means grief.” And applying that basic issue you can follow everything with words, translations, concepts…

A woman could wear a suit with a midi-skirt or a short one. She could be extremely smart with that outfit but if you put that image in certain occidental places they would like to copy her. In other places of the world she probably would be classified like a b* and their ideal of beauty, fashion and smart would be to have the woman covered from head to toe for to do not provoke to no one. Because we know girls, we are always the blamed and the ones whom are the trouble. It is never the other sex.

In other words, what it is fashionable in one place is not in other. For this reason, people need to watch, to learn and to discover to apply those cultural concepts to certain words. Please, leave aside the stupid pre-concepts about if it is to impose a way of to see the world or not. Here is about aesthetic not politics.

Laetitia Casta for Louis Vuitton. Picture courtesy Louis Vuitton
Laetitia Casta for Louis Vuitton. Picture courtesy Louis Vuitton.

One of the first ones in to set clear ideals of fashion and cannons of beauty were the painters. From the Roman times until the classic portrait lines were broken, painters and sculptors had the duty to plasm how the world was, society or a loved one. Maybe they decided to make landscapes and people went to their exhibition to can see how was Venice because they could not have the opportunity on their lives of to travel so far and to be there. They were not only artists. They were the ones whom taught to society, without wishing that, which were the beauty, powerful, respected, wonderful… Images of their times. Now, they keep for us like a study of the past and history.

It arrived a moment, between the XVIII century and the XIX one that everything became more complex. All that revolution at France, with the politics, the commune… Made divide the society. It started between the artists a dualism and most of them decided to call themselves the “cursed poets”. However, this not only had people like Baudelaire between them, if not so many painters and other sort of artists like Gustave Courbet. Those times were hard for everybody but this group seemed to enjoy their time with an excess of alcohol and women’s of plaisir. In fact, most of the artists of this group finished their days at prison, suicide or by syphilis.

On any case, what it was affecting them was reflected on their work. Courbet, for example, started to make all sort of nudity portraits which in our days could even be considered a scandal in certain circles. Watch for yourselves “L’Origine du monde” (1866). At the same time, like their art became more explicit and full of politics. They were excluded even more of certain circles which made them more revolutionary but, seen that if they did not adapted to certain social rules they were going to have it even harder for to pay their vices, they decided to hide those “messages” in normal paintings. And that is the origin of how a non shaved armpit from a woman became the metaphor of her sex. Not sure why it was needed the metaphor when he had already painted it in real but those guys on that times made weird things.

Vogue vintage cover May 1917
Vogue vintage cover May 1917. Picture courtesy Condé Nast archive.

That, created another confusion on basic terms. In special, in matters of vocables like Vogue which means “style” in french. Because if those artist were portraying prostitutes what they were teaching was the world was that way. When it was not.

Around those times, it started the press, magazines… Which not only were used for to share information if not for to teach too. And it was in 1892 when Arthur Turnure founded Vogue as a weekly newspaper on the United States sponsored by Kristoffer Wright. The Condé Montrose Nast bought and expansion did not came until passed 1905.

But what happened there? Art had really changed. It was not teaching anymore so it was needed something which supplied that. And that became the photography, illustration and press. Years later, it was involved the advertisement campaigns to the equation too. All of those were ideals to copy, to learn and to share. Why? Because most of the human population needs a figure to follow. Some took Queen Victoria or Maria Antoniette and in our days is any top model at a magazine or ad. The human being has not changed in this aspect since the Roman times when men and women dressed like their favourite god or goddess on a temple. And who had said how a God dressed? Who had said what was in fashion or in vogue? Exactly, an artist.

Kristen Stewart for Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.
Kristen Stewart for Chanel. Picture courtesy Chanel.

It is for this reason, that maybe when I was studying all of this a professor told me at the photographic lab that if I really wanted to learn to take pictures I did not only needed to shoot so many times. If not I had to read Vogue, National Geographic or other magazines. Because what it was published on there it was the best. And that was what any student must to have as a goal: “to be the best”. Going back to Napoleon times. He used to say: “It is not a good soldier the one whom does not want to become a general.” And he was military but then, you study filmmaking and it is checked: the process is like in the army.

One of the first things which the humanity invented was a book. It is a best seller from centuries and it is called the Bible. It has a series of stories which one can believe or not, this is like to believe Star Wars will happen on the future. It is up to you. On any case, those stories are teachings. It is a manual, indeed. A manual which says: “Be good” without to enter in each chapter or detail.

Since that book was created, the human being has written so many more. Still, it is curious to check than when any writer creates a new world that information is called a bible too. The reason is simple: it says the basic rules that your characters will follow in your world. It has those teachings and ethics which they must follow and that is what a Bible is.

Lindsey Wixson for Mulberry. Picture courtesy Mulberry.
Lindsey Wixson for Mulberry. Picture courtesy Mulberry.

For this reason, Vogue is the Bible of fashion. It does not explain or impose what you should wear. Neither it tells you to expend thousands of bucks on an item if you cannot afford it. It is a series of notes made by different new artists which show the new proposes in fashion, culture and ways of thinking to do not fall in the vulgarity of the times of the old pal Courbet and to start to portrait prostitutes again without any sense. Nudity? yes. Sexual provocation or appealing? Why not? But one thing is to show a beautiful body like on the Greek times and to appreciate it, idolise it and to want to follow that role model patterns to become alike; and other very different thing is to wish to have sexual relationships with any naked body which will put in sight. That last one, that is vulgarity, which comes from latin: “vulgus”. That means “common people” but also “used by people”. I think not any good soldier whom wants to become general, or any peasant whom would like to improve his/her life, would like to be used by others. That is what it is to be called “vulgus” or “vulgari”. Then, read, discover, explore, watch, admire, disagree if it does not fit your taste your own artist fashion and you do not approve but explain why. It would be then when you will be raise your voice to keep learning and to do not be used anymore. Until someone will decide that cadet has learnt enough. Arrived that moment, do not become vulgar again, leaving the ideals of others -even if they are politics- influence you in your world. Because if that happens you will not making your own art or expressing your own voice. You will become a new “cursed poet” of this new so fast technological society or new world.